Our Story

Clazma is an Australian owned and operated business. We are a group of parents, designing a tool for schools to use to operate better and smarter – for parents!

Early education – primary schooling – is the most critical part of a child’s development. But one of the biggest problems for parents is the lack of visibility in their child’s learning during this period. Schools are buried in paperwork and licensing requirements, often using outdated tools, spreadsheets, and paper forms to manage their classrooms. Parents are left in the dark during the day with no connection to their kids learning and no easy way to communicate with their school.

We have worked very closely with parents and schools to make it easier to manage classrooms and provide families with a connected learning experience. We have had great feedback from both schools and parents having made Clazma easy and fun to use. Parents, teachers and schools all love Clazma! And we are just getting started! We continually work further with parents and schools in making Clazma even better in providing smarter classrooms!